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Date: 25-04-2017

The Company Executives at Vecchiola S.A. presented for the third consecutive year the “Study Grant for Academic Excellence Guido Vecchiola Cabrera.” This year’s study grant was awarded to Robisnon Sanhueza Castillo, a medical student at the Catholic University in Maule, southern Chile.

This initiative was inspired by the values to which the Vecchiola family adheres in their personal, family, community and professional lives: generosity, understanding, perseverance, and a positive social vision in which individuals have the right and privilege to develop their potential to the maximum of their capacity. The presentation ceremony was held in the Company conference room and was attended by Company executives, Robinson, family members and friends.

The recipient’s Mother, Miss Brenda Castillo Castillo has been an employee at Vecchiola S.A. for the last 6 years; she currently works in Cleaning & Maintenance at our plant in El Salvador (Chile). She was very deeply moved with gratitude during the ceremony and expressed her sincere appreciation for this extremely helpful effort in assisting her son in the development of his potential to become a mature professional.

Mr. Hector Matus, the company’s General Manager, expressed his appreciation for Robinson’s achievement, and added that the central objective for this Study Grant is to enrich and strengthen relationships among Company employees, management and the community. It has become a top priority at Vecchiola S.A. to promote higher education as a means of developing intelligent, socially responsible professionals.

Mr. Luigino Artuso, the Company’s Human Resources Manager, also congratulated Robinson and his family on this important accomplishment which brings to very positive fruition his high school studies. Mr. Artuso also emphasized the need to keep working together as a family to insure Robinson’s continued academic excellence as he pursues his dream of obtaining a Degree in the medical field and develops his personal and professional potential.

Source: Revista Minera CRISOL.