Eduardo Matta Velasco

Enzo Vecchiola Morales

Guido Vecchiola Arellano

What is the uniqueness of Vecchiola Incorporated?

This is a family owned business. The three brothers, founders of the Company, are not “absentee bosses,” they are in their offices everyday on the job hard at work. From the beginning until the present day they have administered the affairs of the Company directly. Conscious of the spirit of unity and the advantages of close co-operative team-work, they have worked together in their diverse areas of expertise as very effective team members: one, the venturesome initiator determined to achieve success; the second, an organizer with an eye for order and efficiency; the third, contributes his long experience in mechanics and machinery operations. Even though the business has dramatically grown and expanded over the years, resulting in more complexity and sophistication at every level of operation, the three brothers have never delegated out their respective tasks nor disassociated themselves with the day-to-day operations of the Company. They have remained directly in touch with all aspects of the Company’s operations and maintained close and cordial contact with all of their employees. It is these qualities, attributes and professional behaviors exhibited by the ownership that has enabled the Company to achieve a formidable level of respect and success in the industry.

What has been the contribution of professionals and external consultants to the growth and development of the Company?

The Company has been very fortunate over the years to have had highly qualified professionals that have effectively assisted in providing expert advice, suggestions and guidance in the growth, development and management of the Company. These professionals have also lent invaluable assistance in helping the Company understand and function within the market parameters of the industry, and have helped make it possible for the owners to develop a keen sense of vision and judgment with respect to contracting the best qualified personnel for the Company’s operations, in both labor and managerial positions. These elements have all been central to the evolution of Vecchiola from a simple family owned business to an efficient, reputable and professional multifaceted mining supply and services operation.

What does the future hold for Vecchiola Incorporated?

We will be entering into larger and more complex contractual agreements which will necessitate providing clients with our complete integrated mining services program.

What are the strengths of Vecchiola Incorporated with respect to the current industry?

One of the central strengths that Vecchiola counts on is in the area of equipment management. We have an integrated computerized management system (SAP) that allows us to continually and precisely identify the maintenance requirements of all our equipment. The life of our Company depends on the care and maintenance of our equipment; therefore, through our management system, we remain in constant contact with all of our machinery.

What is the importance of the business maintaining an open and fluid channel of communication with its field operations?

We feel that rapid and efficient communication between our Company and our clients allows us to maintain adequate operational supplies for any necessity or emergent event, and to satisfy the requirements of the programmed work schedule. We don’t like, if you will, to play catch-up as a result of not having the proper equipment and materials required to complete any given task. Our information system, as explained above, allows us to maintain control over this and all relevant costs that are incurred.

What is Vecchilola’s reputation among its clients?

Our Company has established a very good name. We have developed an image among our clients of being dependable, committed and responsible. There have been several mining operations that have even agreed to contract our services before receiving any cost analysis or estimate of projected capital outlay. Our clients know: 1) that they will receive high quality service for a fair market price, 2) that the work will be completed on schedule and 3) that never, under any circumstances, will our Company leave a job half-done or unfinished. When problems and challenges arise we enter into the consultation process, identify the difficulties and resolve them to the best advantage of both parties.

What is the major asset of Vecchiola Incorporated?

Our Company head-quarters, fleet equipment and maintenance facilities are expanse and allow for maximum mobility, repair and service operations. The quantity and quality of our current machinery is more than adequate. With respect to the administration of our operation, we have developed a team of well-trained, highly skilled managers and supervisors that know their professions and know how to work together within company parameters.

What is the essential challenge the Company perceives with respect to future growth and development?

Currently the central challenge, not only for our Company, but for the industry as a whole, is locating and contracting a sufficient number of qualified personnel to manage and execute upcoming projects. We are currently developing initiatives to overcome this challenge, one of which is an educational program entitled “Caminos.” This program entailed selecting some 20 inexperienced young people, securing the services of an external training company and giving them full access to our classrooms, training facilities and equipment so as to allow them to accomplish their educational objectives. We are in the process of initiating this program again in that it has already provided us with several very well trained personnel with the skills and qualifications necessary for them to work with our Company. We also just concluded a Managerial Training Course in conjunction with the School of Engineering at the University of Chile for our managers under contract. The central objective of this course was to expand their current knowledge base and help them acquire the capacities and skills required to take charge of an entire operation at the mine site.

What are some of the other elements that are guiding Vechiola Inc. towards its projected future goals?

First of all, we want to become a publicly traded corporation registered on the Chilean Stock Exchange. This implies having very tight regulations and administrative controls over the Company’s financial operations. Secondly, we are thinking about broadening our services to be able to compete at the international level. We are currently established in Argentina and Peru and we would like to expand our operations to include other locations.