• 1939

    The Vechiola Family becomes an authorized COPEC dealer in the city of Chañaral.

  • 1940

    The Vecchiola Family initiates various business ventures beginning with transportation services, road construction and repair and mining.

  • 1976

    It was in the 1970s, the family brothers (Guido, Rinaldo y Edgar) made the decision to establish their Company: Vecchiola Incorporated. Since then, they have all worked together with determination and diligence to develop and apply their talents, knowledge and skills resulting in an efficient and effectively managed and operated mining supply Company-Currently a company whose reputation is defined by initiative, commitment, security and quality production.

  • 1983

    The Vecchiola Family initiates various business ventures parallel to Vecchiola S.A.

  • 1993

    Vecchiola S.A. initiates the process of internal professional development in all of its business areas with the objective of strengthening its competitive advantage.

  • 1994

    An important mile-stone in the progress of the Company’s development was the completion of a piles construction and civil works on project for the Mantos Verde mining Company.

  • 1995

    In the 1995 Vecchiola decided to enter the market of Argentina creating Vecchiola S.A. Argentina. Our company has been operating at full capacity since its establishment there.

  • 2002

    With the objective of providing the best quality services for all its clients the Company earned its ISO.901 certification

  • 2005

    The Company then began its Professionalization Process by appointing Mr. Rafael Pérez de Arce to the position of General Manager (of an entry level executive team), and establishes its first professional Board of Directors.

  • 2006

    Vecchiola then expanded its services to include open pit integrated mining exploitation with its first project being for the Dayton Mining Company, which was completed with excellent results.

  • 2007

    With the implementation of ERP, SAP R/3 the Company achieved world class standard for all of its business practices and processes. With the implementation of SAP R/3 all of the Company’s business activities will be achieved with quality and efficiency, and the decision making process will be undertaken analytically and strategically with close critical attention to specifics and detail.

  • 2011

    This year, in order to provide more specialized and focused services for our clients, the Company has separated its Road Works division from its Transport & Crane division making the Company’s Mining and Industrial components independent of each other.