Apoyo a campaña de Teleton

Our Company considers it the highest of priorities to establish and maintain excellent relationships and social connections within the communities where we conduct our operations. This is especially important here in a Region characterized by tremendous potential as well as fragile economic and environmental conditions.

We recognize that only by the development of strong harmonious community relations will we be able conduct operations so as to minimize social and personal stress and maximize Community and Company benefits.

As a Company that was born out of a simple nuclear family, the concept of FAMILY is therefore deeply embedded within the Vecchiola reality. We recognize the importance of our workers being able to maintain close relationships with their families and loved ones. This prioritizing of the Family element has inspired our Company to develop plans and projects for the training and instruction of the children of our employees who desire to have a closer connection with the Company. We also offer various other types of courses for the families of our employees.

And for the ever important Youth, whom we consider to be an extremely valuable human resource and the immediate potential of the community, we have initiated a project entitled Programa Camino (Road Program), which is designed to attract the recently graduated high school students and offer them training courses (which include a moderate stipend) in hopes of their developing the mechanical and technical skills that would enable them to become part of the Vecchiola workforce.

STUDY GRANT Guido Vecchiola Cabrera

Vecchiola offers a Study Grant to qualified applicants for the purpose of promoting higher education as a means for social, family and professional development.

This Study Grant is an example of the values of the Vecchiola family and especially those of Guido Vecchiola Cabrera, who from Chañaral city has helped various individuals in the development of their vocational objectives. Central to the establishment of this Grant is the growth and strengthening of ties that connect the Company, the families and our employees.

This Academic Excellence Grant is available to all high school students who are applying for entrance to Chilean Universities and who are children of full time contracted employees of Vecchiola S.A. (Children of Managers, Assistant Managers and Contract Administrators of Vecchiola are not eligible to apply). The objective of the Study Grant is to finance 65% of the annual costs and matriculation fees at a public Chilean University, and provide a monthly stipend in the amount of 5UF for expenses during the school year (10 months).