Integrated Management System

It is necessary to clarify the concept of Integrated Management, which is sometimes confused with various common aspects of administration. In very simple terms the concept defines the unification of the three elements of Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment, all of which up until a few years ago were treated by the industry as independent elements. The joining of these three elements has taken place internationally for the purpose of reducing costs and maximizing results.

The primary reason behind Vecchiola’s incorporating this three dimensional concept within the company’s administrative and operational infrastructure is to insure the Protection of Persons by way of policies and regulations regarding Risk Prevention, Quality Control, Personnel Health and Safety and Secure Work-Place conditions, Environmental Protection policies which insure the Care and Protection of the Natural Environment and the Protection of Natural Resources, policies which provide for maximum Customer Satisfaction by way of fulfilling the expectations and requirements of our customers. Succinctly, Vecchiola is declaring that not only is this three dimensional paradigm an inherent Company value but is committed to providing exemplary leadership in the day to day application of this paradigm in the work-place!

One item that compliments the above mentioned accomplishments is the fact that Vecchiola has received the official recognition and certification in Integrated Systems Management, an initiative that was undertaken as a principle Strategic Objective during the year 2013. The central objective of this initiative was to insure certification of Vecchiola in three areas: ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001, and OHSAS 18.001—The certification process was successfully completed in May of 2014. Within the category of “productive processes” the certification covers, “Integrated Services for Mining Operations; Unitary Drilling Operations; Blasting, Loading Transportation and Dumping; Integrated Operation of Mineral Processing Plant; Assistance in Management Services; Industrial Division Services (aggregate production, manufacturing of premixed concrete; production of various prefabricated elements; Workshop Maintenance and Services as Assistance to Central Office.

To sum up then, the operation of an Integrated Management System allows for an effective and efficient response to the needs and requirements of an increasingly demanding marketplace, which is becoming daily more challenging, complex and competitive; provides for the physical and psychological well-being of the workers; insures the control of environmental impacts generated by the operation; assures the community of justice in any environmental disputes caused by the company; and assures strict observance by the company of all legal requirements during operation.